How To Get Free MTN 250MB Data Unlimited – February 2015

First, let me usher you to the month of February 2015 and as we know, this is the month set for valentine and election day in Nigeria. Evidently, the month seem to be starting on a nice note courtesy of the fact that, you can get a whooping free 250MB from MTN Nigeria. Getting this MB is pretty easy and first. As a matter of fact, it’s confirmed by me and the process didn’t take up to 5 minutes.

Well, without much talks, am just gonna give you a quick run down on how you too can benefit from the Free MTN 250MB data and you can keep getting this continuously by following same procedure over and over again.

Steps To Getting Free MTN 250MB Data

==> You can choose to get a new MTN sim for this or you can choose to use your existing MTN SIM (In my case, i used my existing MTN SIM).

get free 250MB from MTN here

==> The process involves changing your android phone IMEI number. We’ve covered tutorials that has to do with changing MTK android phones IMEI on this blog. If using Innjoo android phones, you can use the tutorial HERE. If using Tecno, Infinix or other MTK android Phones, you can use the Tutorial Here in changing your phone IMEI.

==> Copy the following set of numbers 867648010 into a sheet of paper or somewhere, visit IMEI Calculater site Here and enter into the box any 5 numbers of your choice, a 6th number will be displayed to you. Now add all of those numbers to the earlier numbers. Totaling them should be 15 right?

==> Now, change your android IMEI number (Use SIM1) to those numbers you have copied out. (Please remember to keep a backup of your old IMEI number just in-case you want to change it back).

==> Put your phone on airplane mode and restart the phone. When it completely booted up, turn off airplane mode and check your IMEI number by dialing *#06# to see if the new IMEI has taken effect.

==> If you can see the new IMEI number, go to text message and send NOKIA to 131 and you should get a message stating that your free 250MB offer has been activated. You can furthermore confirm by sending 2 to 131 and that’s all.

Rock your February with the free 250MB and don’t forget you can keep getting it over and over again. You can say thanks by simply sharing this post or posting a comment. Cheers!

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  • Please, are this things still working right now. And can I use my blackberry imei to swap for my android phone, if not, can you pls send me a valid BB imei. Thank you