How To Get Free Airtel 2GB Data Unlimited – February 2015

Good day friends, here i am got another free browsing trick that will give you a whooping 2GB data on your airtel line and the more interesting thing is, if you play your cards right, you can get way more than 2g even up to 10 gig. Few days ago, i shared with you how to get 250MB for free on the MTN Network and while that trick is still working, here is another one on how to get 2gb on Airtel.

Honestly, with this trick that entails changing imei on android phones, i am beginning to wonder which IMEI these mobile manufacturing company will use when Nigerians have almost finished the IMEI numbers lol. Just like the MTN, this trick entails you change your android phone IMEI.

You do not have an android Phone? That isn’t really an excuse for you not to enjoy this freebies. All you need do is to borrow an MTK android phone like infinix, tecno, innjoo etc from someone and make sure you can change the android phone imei easily so that when you get your free 2gb on airtel, you can change the imei back on the android to it’s former and return it.

Steps TO Getting Free 2GB on Airtel Nigeria – February 2015

As earlier stated, this trick involves you changing IMEI on an android phone and we have covered a lot of topics that has to do with changing IMEI on this blog. If you are new to this, you can click here to learn how to change IMEI on innjoo phones and you can click here. To learn how to change IMEI on infinix, tecno and other MTK android devices, Please click Here.

get free 2gb data on airtel

==> Copy the following set of numbers 869878000 into a sheet of paper or somewhere, visit IMEI Calculater site Here and enter into the box any 5 numbers of your choice, a 6th number will be displayed to you. Now add all of those numbers to the earlier numbers. Totaling them should be 15 right?

==> Or Alternatively, you can just copy out this 12 numbers 869878000162, add any 3 numbers of your choice and visit to confirm if the number is correct.

==> Now, change your android IMEI number (SIM 1 or SIM 2) to those numbers you have copied out. (Please remember to keep a backup of your old IMEI number just in-case you want to change it back).

==> Put your phone on airplane mode and restart the phone. When it completely booted up, turn off airplane mode and check your IMEI number by dialing *#06# to see if the new IMEI has taken effect.

==> If the new IMEI has taken effect, go to text messages and send 3G to 141 and if the IMEI has not been used by another person, you should get the message stating ‘Congratulations, you have received free 2GB. Enjoy browsing.

You should really get fast on this before airtel start messing up by displaying one error message or the other. If you should get an error message stating that the offer isn’t available for this device, it means the IMEI isn’t correct or has been used. Simply create another one and tweak your android phone to it.

Any fun way to flex airtel this february season. You can get unlimited number of 2gb from airtel by changing your imei to another correct one every time but c’mon, don’t be selfish let others benefit lol and show love by commenting or sharing this post using the share and like buttons.

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