You know the popular saying which goes thus: ‘all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy’? Cool! Now, please let’s take a stroll off phones and other tech related tutorials. Let’s have fun for a while by talking on the interesting thing going on with Coca-Cola Nigeria.

Am sure by now, you’ve seen some friends sampling their names on Coca-Cola bottles via social networks. Am sure you’ve wondered if it was Photoshop or real. Well, it’s actually real. Coca-cola Nigeria launched the #ShareAcokewith campaign few weeks back and it seem to be making waves.

Most people seem not to be buying coca-cola bottles without their names clearly stated on it anymore. To me, it seems like fun and interesting at same time. Imagine your name clearly written on a coca-cola bottle as if you own the brand. Isn’t that cool?

There’s also been pictures circulating all over the internet describing how people are eagerly searching for their names on the coke bottle. See some of the funny pictures below:

coca-cola share a bottle campaign
coca-cola share a bottle with campaign

According to Patricia Jemibewon, who is the Marketing Director of Coca-cola Nigeria Limited, ‘Share a coke transforms the global coca-cola brand into a special, personal experience for our consumers’. He furthermore added that ‘By Swapping our iconic Coca-Cola logo with personal names, we give all our consumers a unique opportunity to connect and share their personalised coke with the people who matter the most to them – friends, family and loved ones, either in person or virtually’.

Giving more details about “Share a Coke”, Jemibewon further disclosed that the “Share a Coke” campaign recognizes Nigeria’s culture and diversity as 600 popular names have been selected from the rich array of names across the various regions of Nigeria.

“Share a Coke does not only reinforce our ongoing commitment to refresh the world but also to inspire shared moments of optimism and happiness”, Jemibewon added.

Consumers who are unable to find their names in-store will have the chance to create their own personalized Coke during the nationwide activation which commences on 2nd February 2015.

Personally, I see this as an awesome innovation. Of course I’d like to have my name written on a Coca-cola bottle and would like to show it off (Forgive me if am talking childish…lol). On the internet, I’ve seen Samuel written on some though I’ve not yet got one in hand. Remember I ‘used’ to work in Coca-Cola? Well, I have sent instruction to an old friend still working there to help me get one that has my name on it and am still expectant.

Now the question is, Have you found your name in the Coca-cola ‘Share A Coke’ Campaign? Let’s hear from you using the comment form. More so, I wouldn’t mind taking some few readers here (living in Lagos) on an adventurous trip to shoprite in search of coca-cola bottles with their names written on it (**Smiles).


  1. really, its a super interested feeling to get my own share a coke customized can coke with my name on it also, i love it and its a beautiful innovation from the greatest Largest business brand in the world – Coca-cola.

  2. pls, I have not found some names. I also need to customize some for some mothers against Sunday, 15th March for Mothet’s day.


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