When it comes to use of mobile apps lately, privacy has been a major concern and so far, efforts has been put in place to address the issue of privacy and provide more confidentiality when using chat apps.

WhatsApp recently improved it’s privacy and security settings by turning on end-to-end encryption.

BBM and Telegram have seen tremendous improvement in terms of privacy. As far as I know, BBM has got the ability to retract messages and also, there is a secret chat feature which makes conversation via the app much confidential.

Latest report from @iOSAppchanges has it that Facebook might be implementing message self destruct feature on it’s messenger app soon.

Just as experienced with BBM’s timed message feature, if activated, users will be able to set a particular time frame to which the sent message will be view-able. Once the time elapses, the message automatically disappears. Facebook might be calling it ‘Disappearing Messages’ instead of timed or self destruct message.

Although the screenshot indicated that the feature will be available on the app’s version 68.0 for iOS, that isn’t currently present as the latest messenger version for iOS is 68.0. Perhaps it would be available on a later build.

Additionally, it is said that Facebook is working on implementing ‘Secret Chat’ feature on it’s messenger app. Although the service is currently live to a specified number of users, it might be available to regular users soon.


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