[Tutorial] Enable Facebook Live Feature On iPhone From Unsupported Regions

Facebook introduced it’s Live feature a few months back and first, it was exclusively available to selected public figures and celebrities.

Couple of months after, Facebook live feature became available to users in the United States and a few other regions.

facebook live working in unsupported region

Unfortunately, the feature isn’t available to users in Nigeria and a wide number of other regions. If you happen to be a user from an unsupported region and you aim to use the live feature, we’ve got you covered.

Enabling Facebook Live Feature From Unsupported region / country

The process was quite easy and as indicated via the title of this post, this tutorial is intended for basically iPhone users. Android users currently have no proven way on how to use Facebook live if situated in an unsupported country. Hopefully soon, Facebook will expand the feature reach.

using facebook live on iPhone


  • Download MSQRD from the App Store
  • Launch and choose to sign in with Facebook
  • After connection is completed, you should be able to see the LIVE option clearly displayed on the screen.
  • Tap on LIVE, you can choose to put a description if you deem fit.
  • When done, tap on LIVE and there you go.

As earlier mentioned, this trick only works with iOS version of the app. More so, if this makes any sense, I used a US account in initiating the download.

Hence, just in case you don’t find the LIVE option in the process, you can switch to a US account and re-download the app.

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