Download Telegram 4.0 – ChatBox Payments, Video Messages and Instant View Now On Board

WhatsApp’s Major competitor, Telegram, apparently isn’t slowing down. The mobile messaging app now has Version 4.0 available for iOS and Android.

From ChatBox Payments To Instant Views for webpages and Short Video Messages, Telegram is certainly operating more than just a mobile messaging app.

Telegram Version 4.0 New Brings Major Features To Android and iOS

Telegram isn’t the first mobile messaging app to introduce a payment system on it’s platform. BBM has same feature with QuickTeller and PayPal being on board. However, the Mobile messaging app’s chatbox allows users to make purchases from within the app.

telegram ChatBox payment bots

If you are looking at buying something online, that can be attained on telegram without having to leave the app. You can simply order goods or services from bots that offer them.

How exactly does Telegram ChatBox works? I understand you could be curious to know. Well, the company tags the ChatBox payment as Bot Payment. Bot developers can now accept payments from their users around the world.

Currently, most of the payments are handled by Stripe. However, the company in the next few days, will partner with RazorPay to make payments available to developers in India. Those in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and Uganda won’t be left out. The company will partner with FlutterWave to make payments available to developers in the above countries. As a result of the company partnering with PaymentWall, the service will be available to over 190 other counties.

Telegram Instant View For Web Pages

Other than ChatBox Payments, telegram has introduced instant View. This is entirely for web-pages. How this works is, it basically allows users open a compressed version of links, thereby allowing users have a quick glance.

Telegram instant view for webpages

According to the company:

With Instant View, you can enjoy articles from any blog or media outlet in a uniform and easily readable way. Beyond merely showing the text of an article, Instant View pages support images, videos, and any other media. They work great even if the source website isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

In regards to Instant View, telegram is throwing a $200,000 competition. Think you are good with HTML and can pull it off, head over to the competition page for more information.

Short Video Messages On Telegram 4.0

Telegram believes voice messages ain’t just enough. Hence, they’ve rolled out Short Video Messages. Short videos can now be sent in private messages, groups or even broadcasts. The videos can also be shared via the use of customized links referred to as Telescope.

Interested in all of the new features Telegram 4.0 brings to the table? Head over to the App Store or PlayStore on your iOS or Android and choose to update the Telegram app.

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