Shadow Fight 3 is one game I recently discovered. I know I am a bit late on the train, but I am typically not much of a gamer. Courtesy of wanting to publish varieties of different contents relating to tech, I am learning the ropes of gaming on mobile phones. In most case – android.

If you haven’t heard of shadow fight before, it’s typically a fighting game. The name of the game pretty much explains that though.

Download Shadow fight 3 APK + OBB on android

My first adventure with the game was with the Shadow Fight 2. However, I recently discovered Shadow Fight 3 is now available for download on Android. Actually, it’s been available for a few months now. However, it’s not available in every country. For example, it isn’t available in Nigeria.

That doesn’t stop us for being able to download and play the game on our phone though.

The shadow fight 3 in my opinion, breathes a new fresh air to the whole game play. Compared to the shadow fight 2, the 3 brings about actual characters with customization options. I mean, you can select the head you prefer, kind of hair and hair color. Plus, the characters are not exactly shadows this time. And frankly, i prefer this to the former.

The developer, Nekki, did add a lot of new features to the shadow fight 3 compared to the two. The graphics are a lot better this time.

What’s New With Shadow Fight 3

  • Missions and Fight Rewards
  • Changes in story line
  • More interesting, rewarding and exciting Main Quest fights
  • Balance improvements
  • Better graphics
  • Better digging skills
  • Create personal fighting styles
  • Manage gear collection
  • Smooth animations and lifelike physics
  • Lots of gear and weapons to collect
  • Hundreds of perks and super-moves

And more…

Your first time hearing about shadow fight game and you are interested in trying? I would say, try the 3 rather than the 2. It’s more interesting, in my opinion.

As earlier mentioned, the game isn’t available in every country. However, you can still download shadow fight 3 on your Android phone via the steps below.

How To Download Shadow Fight 3 APK + OBB Data File On Android

Download the Shadow Fight 3 APK game here (link removed since the game wasn’t working anymore)

Download the OBB data file here (link removed since the game wasn’t loading anymore)

New Link, both APK and OBB File (HERE!)

You can choose to download these files using a computer and thereafter, transfer them to your phone or you can download them directly on the android phone.

Download ES file explorer (Available on the Google Play Store). If the default file explorer app on your phone extract files, the ES file explorer isn’t needed. But no app in installing anyway.

Having gotten all of those files ready, let’s head on to installing shadow fight 3 on the Android phone.

How To Install Shadow Fight 3 On Android Phone

Assuming you have the APK and the OBB file in the download folder of your Android device, launch the ES file explorer or your android phone’s default file explorer app.

  1. Navigate to Download folder and first, install the game. After instaation is complete, DO NOT launch it.
  2. Still on the ES file explorer, extract the zip file (the one you downloaded earlier).
  3. Tap and hold on the folder containing the OBB file. Then select cut or copy. Remember the instruction here says the Folder containing the OBB file, not the particular OBB file.
  4. Go back to the root directory, Tap on the Android folder, and tap on obb.
  5. Now, paste the folder there.
  6. Exit the ES file explorer app and go to the home menu.

Launch the street fight 3 game and enjoy.

So that’s it. It’s as simple as that. If there is any other game you’d like me to share, drop it in the comment session.

Got questions in relation to downloading and installing Shadow fight 3 APK + OBB file on your Android? Feel free to ask.


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