For some time now, I have often been asked by readers where they could download Opera Mini app for their blackberry 10 devices like Z10, Q5, Q10, Z3, Z30 etc.

The Blackberry 10 phone comes with an amazing inbuilt browser and for almost a year since I’ve been using one of these devices, I didn’t see the need to download an external browser like Opera mini, Google Chrome, Firefox or any other. But since I have my readers request at heart, I have decided to do some finding and come up with a guaranteed solution.

Here, I will be sharing with you the latest version of the opera-mini app which is the version 7.6.4 and it’s in APK (android) format.

Why android APK? You may ask.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’d have realized that some android apps works just fine on Blackberry 10 phones. This isn’t some sort of trick, it is just blackberry’s way of making things easy for BB10 OS.

Blackberry lack apps developers compared to android and iOS. Now, the app been an android app shouldn’t scare you. If you’ve been a frequent follower of this blog, then you should be aware of the fact that some android apps works on blackberry 10 phones.

Download Latest Opera Mini 7.6.4 APK For Android and Blackberry 10 Phones

As earlier stated, this is the latest version which was updated January 23, 2015.

download opera mini latest version

Download Here
Based on usage so far, you won’t be able to watch YouTube videos from the app. Unlike other browsers, it makes resource of your video player.

You won’t be able to watch embedded videos using the opera mini app. For example, on the infinix hot unboxing post, we embedded a quick review YouTube video. The opera mini won’t show that video. But the app is undeniably the fastest mobile app.

If you still choose to download the latest version of Opera Mini app on your android and blackberry 10 phone, please follow the download link posted above.


  1. Sammy,u r a genious,,u can’t imagine how many days av been trying 2 download dis opera in ma z10 all 2 no avail.u r a saint,tanks alot,pls keep up d gud work.dis is d first tym am actually commenting on somfin lyk dis.i jus couldn’t go without saying tank u..Thank u once again

  2. Im having challenges with installing my whatsapp on my blackberry Q5. creating the BBM ID is proving difficult. what are other alternative fordownloading whatsapp for blackberry

  3. This is indeed a saving grace. I’ve been trying so hard to get opera on my mobile. I just did. Thabks to you$ please help me direct how to get Google play store also

  4. After downloading it tryng to open it will just disappear from the screen. I have downloaded twice thesame problem dont know why.

  5. This file ain’t coming up after downloading. M using q5 n I used d link u provided. Any other suggestion 4 me pls?

  6. After downloading, d next I see is unable to open dis file. It also happen to other app av been trying to download. Am using a z10


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