It’s with joy in my heart that i introduce to you the new latest version of Opera mini – opera 6.1.

Opera, as far as I am concerned, is the world ‘s most recognized browser. I think the reason for this is because of its flexibility. OPERA MINI BROWSERS are more easier to use than other browsers.

Even through opera has had series of versions, like the most recent was the Opera 6.0 for Mobile phone, you know what they say “change is the only constant thing in life”.

download latest opera 6.1

Day by day, there seems to be an advancement and that’s why new features are being discovered and included.

Where To Download Opera Mini 6.1

To download this new version, simply visit If you are on mobile, visit and if your device is compatible, it will be suggested to you.

Just Download and Enjoy!

How To Install The New Opera Version

I know you might be asking yourself how do i install this new operamini version? The process is quite easy. Simply subscribe to a data plan from your network service provider and launch the application.


If you along the line, experience any difficulty, please feel free to post your questions, comments and suggestions using the comment box below.

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