First Touch Soccer 2018 game over time, has proven to be an household name. Although possibly not as popular as PES and FIFA, it still holds a stand as one of the best soccer games on Android.

Download First Touch soccer 2018 (FTS 18) game on android

Sometime back, we talked on FTS 17 – an older version of the game. And now, we’d like to share same information on it’s updated version, First Touch Soccer 2018 (FTS 18).

First Touch Soccer game unlike PES and FIFA, is prominent for it’s cool graphics and small size. Of course, you shouldn’t expect same graphics as the other well known soccer games. However, FTS should keep you going properly on your Android device.

Requirements For First Touch Soccer 2018 (FTS 18) On Android

FTS18 can work on most Android smartphones. By that, I am making reference to Android phones running Android v4.0 till date. Hence, Android Kit-Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat users should be fine.

  • 1GB RAM is required. This is the minimum RAM size required. Although a lower RAM size could work, it might not just be very fluid.
  • 400MB Internal Storage Space. The game size itself isn’t up to 400MB. The additional space required is just necessary for saving game cache and sort.

The RAM and internal storage space is required for seamless experience.

Features Of First Touch Soccer 2018 Android Game

Wondering what’s new with the FTS 18? In summary: New songs, updated uniforms, Updated Players, Better Graphics and new Stadium.

Comparing the FTS18 to FTS17, these are a few new upgraded features. These features includes:

Players Updated: Before now, First Touch Soccer lacked stability to upgrade and recruit new players. This has been fixed in the new update.

Added New Songs: Songs sorta makes gaming much more interesting. First Touch Soccer 2018 now has more songs on board.

Updated Uniforms: Not only did FTS update the players, uniforms have also been updated.

New Stadium and Better Graphics: The Latest FTS 18 now has better graphics and new Stadium on board. This should neccessitate better gaming experience.

Download First Touch Soccer 2018 Android APK Game and Data MOD

If you have previous FTS version installed, it’s necessary you uninstall that before commencing. Doing this will help with you not experiencing any issues. Of course, you can decide to take the bulls by the horns by directing installing the update without uninstalling the previous version.

Please Note: Deleting the previous game file and installing the new game file will delete the previous data. Hence, you should try installing the new game directly and if by chance, you experience a problem, that’s when you should delete the previous so you could install the updated FTS 18 APK android game + mod without errors.

How To Install FTS 18 APK Mod On Android

By now, I’d assume you’ve downloaded all the required files above.

  1. Move the APK mod to your SD card
  2. Copy the OBB folder to your Android/data folder
  3. Locate the APK saved on your SD card and install.

When done, launch and enjoy the first touch Soccer 2018 experience.

How To Change FTS 18 Language To English

If after installing and running the game, the language isn’t in English, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the game
  • Two on the last icon with a tool sign. At this point, a new window should open.
  • Tap on the first option which should take you to Game settings
  • Now tap on the last option (Advanced settings)
  • Swipe left or right till it gets to English.

There you have it. Feel free to enjoy First Touch Soccer 2018 (FTS 18) on your Android device. If you have any questions, complaints or feedback regarding the game, please feel free to ask using the comment session/form down below.



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