Just few hours back, I got a notification on my android phone and tablet to update my 2go app to version 1.3.3. I was quite skeptical based on the latest version but then, only a trial will convince me.

Testing through 2go v1.3.3, I realized the app tend to ease the thoughts and stress of 2go users when it comes to changing location, gender, birthday(age) and location of a 2go account.

Before now, you’d be required to spend some amount of credit before changing some vital information on your profile but with the latest version, all can be achieved on the application without having to spend a dime.

How To Download 2go V1.3.3

If you already have the 2go messaging app installed on your android phone, simply navigate to Google play store app > My apps and choose to update the application.

download 2go v1.3.3 for android phones and tablets

If you do not have the app installed on your phone, simply launch the Google play store app and search for 2go. Download, allow to install completely and launch.

How To Change Location, Birthday and Gender On The Latest 2go app

When you must have successfully updated or installed the app as prescribed above, simply navigate to your profile, tap the option button and choose to edit profile. Therein, you can do all that was stated earlier alongside editing your nickname, changing your relationship status and looking for.

You should try downloading or updating your 2go app to the latest version 1.3.3 and tell me what you think of it.


  1. The latest version 4.0 has that feature.
    However as at the time of writing this comment, I can only assure of the version available only android


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