Yes, you read that right! You can actually use your infinix hot note x551 android phone as power bank in charging other phones.

Yesterday, i was at Infinix office and we got talking about their devices. It was then, one of their staff did a practical based on the fact that he can use the infinix hot note phone in charging another android phone.

Honestly, I wasn’t so surprised in regards the fact that an android phone can be used in charging another phone but i didn’t know the infinix hot note can actually do that.

As we already stated on the infinix hot note review post, the device comes backed with a 4000mAh battery and that didn’t disappoint.

My hot note can stay four days without been charged and knowing that the device can be used as a power bank, just makes it better.

Infinix hot note used as power bank

How Can I Actually Use The Infinix Hot Note X551 In Charging Other Phones?

Good question! But then, are you also aware that the infinix hot note phone boasts of fast charging ability? I mean, in about 20 mins of charge, your hot note can charge to a capacity of which you can use for over a day.

The downside to this is, the fast charging ability is only incorporated in the charger that comes with the phone. Using a different phone’s charger won’t really charge the device faster than its original.

Having stated that, being able to use the infinix hot note device in charging other devices requires using the OTG cable.

The full meaning for OTG is USB on the Go. OTG cable allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host, allowing other USB devices like a USB flash drive, digital camera, mouse, or keyboard to be attached to them.

With the OTG cable, you can use the infinix hot note in charging other devices. Not just android devices but basically every mobile phone.


  1. good pm sir l, plz in my infinix X551 each time I take a picture it ( the pix) becomes whitish in colour especially the face contain in the pictures. Now is it from the phones camera setting or the camera itself is faulty?

  2. Sir I have an infinix hot note x-551 mobile. I could connect my USB flash drive pendrive. Before formatting my phone. After formatting it no otg pendrive is getting detected. Or can’t connect my phone to my pc. Please give me a solution. Please

  3. Engr, thank you sir, what do you mean by default hot note charger? Since then i had been using BB charger, but the problem remain same, i still experience serious slow charging. Sir, how can i reinstall the phone in built fast charging installation back or any other solution sir? Thanks for your previous cooperation sir.

  4. Good day sir, im using a tecno 8H phone and i got an infinix charger for it with output of 2.0A the phone started charging fast like 4hrs charge can give me up to 80% all of a sudden it stopped charging fast like 4hrs wl give me 36% charge. Use d charger on other phones and it charges fast, use other chargers on it and slow charge. Ive used the charger for like 3weeks now. Tnks for ur advice in advance.

    • Cudi, Going by your explanation, i am guessing the battery is faulty. You should change it and hopefully, you should be fine.

  5. Good evening engr Samuel Adeniyi. I mistakenly cancelled/deleted/disabled my infinix hot note inbuilt fast charging installation, since then, i had been experience serious slow charging functionality. Please sir,how can i restore my infinix hot note inbuilt fast charging installation?

    • Hello Muyiwa, the infinix hot note fast charging isn’t completely facilitated by the phone. But the charger instead. Use the default hot note charger and you should be fine.

    • Nana, well, it depends on what you aim to achieve. If you don’t have a cogent reason as to why you want to root your phone, i don’t think you should root it.

  6. please when i want to watch a video on my infinix hot note it says “cant play vidieo” . what can i do i really need help and i am scared

  7. my phone doesn’t charge faster as it did before, tried so many times but ends up with same result, can charge overnight and get just 57%. what could be the problem please?

  8. Experiencing d same slow charging prob.. Try n change d cord and try if it changes fast but if not den consider getting a new charger..

  9. my infinix hot note battery drains super fast, if i charge it to 100%, Even if I leave the phone untouched, before an hour it would drop to 97% My phone can barely last a day. I dont understand, can I change the battery?

  10. My infinix hot note just suddenly stopped charging yesterday. Iv tried it with two different chargers. And when I connect the fone to a laptop, it no longer connects. Please what do I do?

  11. Good evening Samuel.. I bought my infinix hot note barely 4months ago and suddenly it stopped charging fast and USB OTG stopped working on it.. I have been charging it since 5:50pm yesterday till now and it’s not full yet (it’s just on 88% as at 1:04pm today) … Please help.. Is it repairable? Don’t know why it started charging very slow

  12. its about a month and half I got my infinix hot note x551 and since den the battery has been good until a week ago when I charged, it charged faster than before and drains faster, 2day I noticed it was so hot while charging so I decided to unplug it and allow it cool down and I continued charging, it was 91 percent while I removed it but now when I plugged it, within 3 mins of charging it dropped to 89 percent, pls I need help I don’t know if the battery is spoilt or something I just want a solution because I can’t continue this way, tho I have been using a bigger power bank to charge as well. tnx


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