Couple of days back, Innjoo Announced that android 5.1 lollipop OS is now available for the Innjoo One 3G HD smartphone which we graciously announced on this platform.

The OEM also added that the update is only for the 3G HD version adding that the update for 4G version will be available in October.

upgrade innjoo one to android 5.1 lollipop

While this seemed as a really good thing owing to the fact that most people have been anxiously waiting for the lollipop update on their Innjoo smartphone, it’s really sad to realize that the update is still in beta and Innjoo didn’t deem it fit to warn users about the dangers involved.

Following the post where we talked on the new OS update for the Innjoo one, i have been receiving comments and calls not to be thanked but instead, to get complains of one issue or the other.

Kelsric had earlier posted a comment which reads thus:

I have already updated mine to 5.1 and shock on me! lots and lots of blotware! I have really never understood how a company accepts third party applications that have ads to be system apps! I need to root this phone, unfortunately Kingo app failed rooting this phone’s android 5.1, I had used it to root my previous 4.4 but it has failed on 5.1, anyone with options? if not I really wouldn’t advise anyone who has a rooted 4.4 to go 5.1 on this phone.

Earlier today, i got a call from a reader who stated that although the flashing process was smooth, the battery drained on the device after using it for a while and when it was plugged into a power outlet with the intention of charging it, it refused charging. All efforts to reverting the OS back to android 4.4 KitKat proved abortive as the PC couldn’t even recognize the phone.

Unfortunately, we do not currently own the Innjoo one device hence we cannot provide any form of support as we have constantly been doing for Infinix devices.

So, in other to stay on the safer side, please do not upgrade your Innjoo one android phone to android 5.1 lollipop just yet until it has been fully certified that it is safe to do so. We honestly wouldn’t want you saying ‘Oh had I know’ neither would we want to hear stories that touch.


  1. It is true that the Lollipop update has the fly launcher in it, which has pretty some issues. I have used the device running lollipop for a month now and have not seen any negative performance issues yet. I replaced the stock launcher with a custom one from the play store and the phone is running smoothly with even better battery life than before when running on KitKat.


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