Over the past few months, we have gradually witnessed how Cortana as an assistance app from Microsoft, has sorta raised the brand publicity and credibility.

cortana now available on android

Couple of weeks back, Microsoft launched a private beta of the Cortana app for android phones. Since it’s a private beta, it wasn’t available to everyone.

Download Cortana For Android

If you were not able to get into the private beta program, you can now download Cortana and try it on your android device. Reason being that, Microsoft as made Cortana available via public beta.

Although, for now, the app is only available for testing. Specially to those living in the United states. Microsoft however, says it is planning to roll it out to other markets.

I understand that you may not understand the concept of Cortana but if you are familiar with Siri on iOS devices and Google Now on android, Cortana is for Microsoft and now available for android as well.

In simple terms, Cortana is a personal assistant. It is however, specifically from Microsoft. Most of the top tech brands just happen to launch their own personal assistants. These personal assistants are created using AI technology.

AI by the way, means Artificial intelligence.

If your PC runs on the latest windows 10 OS, Cortana as a digital assistance comes pre-loaded on the windows 10 operating system. The company had also previously announced that Cortana will be coming to iOS soon. However, no specific date or period was made known.

Android as an open source, Cortana shouldn’t have a problem with running smoothly on the android OS. However, we are curious to knowing how the assistant client will work on the iOS platform owing to the fact that iOS comes with a lot of limitations.

If you’d like to test out Cortana on your android device, you can download Here. However, please note that it’s a public beta test and it’s currently available exclusively to those residing in the United States.


  1. Pls am having problems using my infinix Hot Note Pro right now cuz it is saying “An Application requires Google play services” and I’ve being trying to download and install Google Play Services but it is saying “Parsing Error” when I tried installing the application. Pls any help will be highly appreciated.


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