The iPhone 7 is just weeks away from its official launching and as expected, we’ve been continually fed with leaked Images of what is said to be the iPhone 7 design. Of course, with proposed specs.

Over the last couple of weeks (or months), the prominent iPhone 7 design is similar to the images we are going to share below.

So yes, the images you will be seeing below may just be the real iPhone 7 design. Real live images of the smart phone has surfaced online and since then, it’s been making the rounds.

Below are the leaked real live images of the iPhone 7 for your viewing pleasure:

iPhone 7 leaked design

leaked real live iPhone 7 design

As earlier indicated, these are leaked Images and are subject to change at final launching. But based on the continual representation of images looking just like the one above, this might just be the real iPhone 7 design.

If speculations are correct, then you can presume that the iPhone 7 smart phone doesn’t feature any groundbreaking design.

The major difference from the iPhone 6, 6s design would probably be the non-existence of the trim lines. But, the iPhone 7 is speculated to be thinner.

iPhone 7 Specifications

Looking at the specs-sheet, the iPhone 7 is said to ‘most-likely’ feature the following specs:

  • 12-megapixel back-facing camera
  • New 3D Touch home button
  • Next-generation processor from Apple (Perhaps, A10)
  • 32GB, 128GB and 256GB storage options (32GB will likely be the base henceforth)
  • Perhaps, a new dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro
  • Wireless charging
  • Smart Connector for accessories on iPhone 7 Plus/Pro
  • IP68 water- and dust-resistance

Do you know that China already has a cloned version of the iPhone 7? Crazy right? But it’s true. According to the tag on the back of the phone, it took the whole of Taiwan to produce the iPhone 7 clone and yes, the design looks identical.

Guess that’s just another plus to the above images being that of the upcoming iPhone 7 smart phone.



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