With 4G network connectivity being the norm lately, it is only right for you to know the 4G bands your Android device supports before choosing to switch to a 4G network.

Before now, the vital specs of a smartphone would be the camera, hardware and software. With GLO, Etisalat, nTel, and MTN having 4G LTE network service on board, 4G band is a necessity when looking through a phone specs.

4G LTE network bands supported on android

Just so you know, different ISPs supports 4G bands that MAY not work on most Android phones. For example, MTN 4G supports iPhone 6 but nTel doesn’t.

nTel 4G LTE works well on the Tecno Camon C9 Android phone but glo 4G LTE network doesn’t. So, you get the point yeah?

How To Know Which 4G Bands Your Android Phone Support

4G bands an android phone supports

  • Download and install MTK engineering Tool
  • Upon launching the app, tap on MTK settings > BandMode > Select SIM.
  • There, you’d see all the available GSM bands, UMTS bands as well as the LTE (4G) bands.

By default, you’d see some ticked bands outlined in White colors while others are in grey. Now, those are the bands your phone supports.

Hence, if you plan on using a 4G SIM that doesn’t support any of those white outlined bands, it won’t work. Best of luck!


  1. LG K10 (2017) bought from China. MTK reports band 20 installed, but seller spec says no Band 20. Does MTK report only from the phone’s soft/firmware, and not the physical transceiver?
    Is there a guide anywhere to MTK?

    • I have the same on my meiigoo s8 phone I can not change it so I can get 3G and 4G OR LTE I only get 2G , or change the bandmode and they say it is unlock to any sim card you use and on my phone it says it gets 3G,4G,4G LTE I think it is a lie , I put my sim card in a old phone and it works in that.


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