It can be very frustrating when you are so much in need of a reliable web hosting service to host your blog, forum or website on and all that you know or are recommended to you only accept payment via PayPal or credit card and these requirements are not within your range. So, what do you do? You know quite well that PayPal aren’t currently supported by all countries and getting a credit card from your bank for online payments can really be a pain in the butt.

Liberty Reserve is one great alternative to PayPal like i rightly had said in one of my previous posts on Liberty Reserve. However, most web hosting companies do not accept payments via Liberty Reserve and it seems you are stock.

buy webhosting plans with liberty reserve


Among others i have come about, there is one that i recommend and accept payments using Liberty Reserve.

Buy WEB4AFRICA WebHosting Service Using Liberty Reserve Funds

Web4Africa is a web hosting company situated in Ghana and their service is reliable according to people i know that uses their service and they accept liberty reserve as means of payment for their services.

How Do I Get On Web4Africa

Just visit and you are on.

As time goes on, i will be updating you on other web hosting companies that accept payments using liberty reserve, in other not to miss this kindly subscribe to my news letter.


Liberty Reserve has been discontinued. Hence, being able to buy web hosting account via the use of liberty reserve funds is not an option.

Other options like Credit cards and PayPal are still very much valid. Getting a PayPal account in Nigeria is now easy and straight forward. You can even verify the account using your bank’s debit card. In my case, i used Access Bank Visa Card in verifying the PayPal account and it worked out fine.


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