Imagine that moment when you take out your phone from your pocket, bag or wherever, blow air on it and it unlocks automatically. Now, that sounds like a good deal right?

It gets more interesting for playguys, when you have successfully wooed that babe to giving you her number, she asks ‘lemme have your phone’. That’s a good point to use the app, just bring out the phone, blow air on it and it unlocks. You can ask her to do this herself and trust me, she’s gonna marvel and perhaps, find you more interesting and you know what that means, right? *winks…

Oh well, here’s the new thing. You can now simply unlock your android phone by blowing air on the screen and if blowing air on your phone seem kinda awkward to you, there’s an alternatively, you can shake to unlock.

blow air or shake to unlock android app

This app was brought about by the famous XDA, extracted from canvas 4 and recently launched by Micromax india. This is just a set further to showing your friends as bossy you could be when it comes to tweaking your android device.

The Blow Air On Screen App Is Supported On Which Devices?

The app works on ‘almost’ all android devices. We understand that blackberry 10 phones install android apps but this isn’t one android app to bother installing as it won’t work.

Java, symbian, iPhone and iPad users shouldn’t bother either unless they want to blow their phone away LOL.

How Do I Download and Install This App?

It can be downloaded and installed just like any normal app and it does not require you rooting your phone before been able to use.

Make sure to allow ‘Installation of app from unknown sources’. Download here and tap the pad lock to enable the functionality.

For best result, please deactivate the slide to unlock feature on your android phone. You can do that under Settings » Security.

For those who are skeptical to knowing how the app works before choosing to install, you can watch the video HERE.

You can choose to start blowing your android phone to unlock it now but please try not to blow spit on it LOL.


  1. …and when devices start falling in buses, into rivers and screens start cracking/breaking… XDA developers will bear the blame for creating the App… Lol.
    What A beautiful Invention… That’s one of the reasons the Android device remains #1
    please, lets know when the PhotoMath App is available for android also. Thanks!

  2. Hi Samuel,
    Thanks for sharing the article about Blow Air To Unlock Your Android Phone App Or Shake Courtesy Of XDA Developers . Very interesting and informative article. I liked it. Great point include in the post.
    Once again thanks for sharing views.


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