Sometime back, i wrote on how to Block calls and text messages from specific numbers on Infinix Android Phones. Now, I’d like to do same for Tecno smartphones.

Of course, there are loads of third party apps that can allow you block numbers with ease. However, if you are like me, you’d rather prefer keeping the number of apps on your phone to a minimal.

Thankfully, infinix and Tecno phones run almost the same custom user interface. Especially with their devices running Android Marshmallow. While Infinix terms ir’s custom UI as XUI, tecno terms theirs as HiOS. But really, both interface are almost same. Just some little tweaks here and there.

Having mentioned that, adding numbers to blacklist on Tecno latest Android phones is quite similar to how its done on infinix phones.

Blocking Calls and SMS From Specific Numbers On Tecno Android Phone

For the sake of this tutorial, I will assume you are using a Tecno Android phone running Android Marshmallow with HiOS. I mean, all latest smartphones from the brand runs the custom UI.

Under app list, tap On Hi Manager

Under Hi Manager interface, tap On Harassment Block

Hi Manager interface on tecno android phone

Tap on the blacklist Tab

blacklist tab under harrassment block

Next, tap on the + icon

add number to blacklist on tecno android phone

Select where you’d prefer to add the number from

add number to blacklist from directory

Select the number (s) from your preferred directory

select number from call log

Tap on the green check mark when done. That’s it. You have successfully added specific numbers to your block list.

How To Remove Numbers From Blacklist On Tecno Android Phones

Removing numbers from block-list on tecno Android phones is quite simple.

Simply follow same steps above till you get to the blacklist Tab.

Tap on the delete icon

delete blacklisted number on tecno

Confirm and it’s done.

Block Numbers From Calls Using Truecaller App

If you use truecaller app, the process is really, really simple. Much simpler than the steps above.

Assuming you want to Block a number from your call log, launch the truecaller app

Tap on the number you’d like to Block under the call log menu

Truecaller call log

Tap on the block option

Block specific phone number using truecaller

And it’s done.

How to Unblock Phone Numbers Using Truecaller App

Simply follow same steps above till you get to the block option.

This time, unblock will be displayed.

unblock phone numbers from calls using truecaller

Simply hit the unblock button.

There you have it. Blocking calls and text messages from specific numbers on Tecno Android phones is that easy. Got questions? Feel free to ask.



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