Blackberry OS 10.3.1 Now Available For All BB10 Devices – How TO Update

Good news to all blackberry 10 phone users as the much talked about blackberry 10 OS 10.3.1 has been officially made available for all BB10 Phone users. Before now, we had shared with you a leaked version of the 10.3 Operating System but now, the official version has been made available.

The update is said to be made available on devices based on the carrier it runs on. Hence, if it isn’t available on your mobile carrier, just be patient. As at when publishing this, i have received the update. Although i wasn’t informed via a push up message, i had to force it out. If you haven’t gotten a notification of the update, you can try force-pushing it.

Features Of the Blackberry OS 10.3.1

As usual the update comes with new refreshed look and feel alongside new awesome features. Some of these new features include the Blackberry blend. The blackberry blend just like the newly introduced whatsapp web, allows you view your blackberry messenger (BBM) and content on your computer and tablet device.

Blackberry 10 OS 10.3.1

The Amazon app store is also included in the update. With the amazon app store, you can get easy access to popular apps and games.

Enhancements were also said to be worked upon in terms of battery as there will be a boast of battery efficiency by up-to 15%. Feature enhancements were also introduced on the blackberry hub, calendar, camera, multimedia and more.

How To Update Your Blackberry to The Latest OS 10.3.1

Just before your make an update to your device, it is advisable you make a backup of your blackberry 10 phone. To do this, it’s required that you use the blackberry link software which should be downloaded and installed on your computer.


Navigate to settings on your blackberry 10 phone, scroll down to Software updates. Tap on it and you should see the notification of the new update. Blackberry 10 OS – 10.3.1563. The size of the update is about 1001MB (1GB).

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  • I received the update on my z10 but there is a notification that the update is too large for my glo,that I should use wifi. What do I do please?

  • I received the update but there is a notification that the update is too large for my glo,that I should use wifi. What do I do please?

  • If I download the software will it automatically upgrade to the latest version. Cos my phone is asking me to free more memory and I think I have wipe all app on my phone pls I need help from your desk,

      • My BlackBerry link says my OS is latest available at 10.2.1. It doesn’t seem to recognize that 10.3 is actually available. How can I force Blackberry Link to update my Q5 to 10.3?

  • Thanks. I’m using the official BlackBerry and I’ve checked the software update under settings but it still shows me .2941. What could be wrong?

  • I’m in Nigeria using Glo network. I’m currently on OS Model – Z10 STL100-1.The only update notification I’m getting is to OS I’ve been getting this notification for months but was waiting for OS 10.3 so I can update at once.
    Do I have to update to .2941 first? Or is there a way I can get the update? Thanks.

    • Am also using glo and used to be in same position as you. Just navigate to software update under settings and you should get notified of the new update.

      If your blackberry is from another carrier like AT&T, Orange, Sprint, etc, the update is rolled out gradually but if using the official Blackberry, you should get the update.

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