Love cars and you’d like to engage with other car lovers? Amazon has launched Amazon Vehicles, a forum where car enthusiasts can talk and chat about their favorite cars and perhaps, design their dream car.

Of course, Amazon already has Automotive, which is a marketplace for buying actual car parts and accessories. Hence, if you always thought Amazon was all about gadgets and likes, well, there’s cars too.

amazon vehicles forum

So, basically, the newly launched Vehicles forum is an extension of the cars marketplace, Automotive. And also, an offshoot of Amazon Garage.

Hence, it’s safe to say Amazon now has three sections based on cars. And of course, they all have their different specializations.

As earlier mentioned, the Automotive is a marketplace for buying car parts and accessories. The Amazon Garage is a section where users can store information about cars they already own. While Vehicles, is a forum for car enthusiasts.

Hence, if you’d like to increase your horizon about cars or just get to learn about cars, Amazon’s Vehicles might just suit you in not only learning, but building your dream car.


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