Apparently, all telecommunication companies in Nigeria seem to be following suit in providing cheaper call Tarrif Plan. Few months back, Etisalat launched a new plan called Etisalat Easy life 4.0 which offers a flat call rate of 11k per seconds to all networks. MTN followed suit by launching the trutalk+ plan which offers same Tariff Plan as the Etisalat Easy life 4.0.

Moving forward, glo launched the glo gbam+ which offers exactly same Tariff Plan as the mtn TruTalk+ and Etisalat Easy life 4.0.

Airtel seem to have done same by launching the Airtel SmartTalk Plan which gives a flat call Tariff rate of 11kobo per seconds which equals to N6.6 per minute.

Airtel SmartTalk tariff plan

Just like the same plan from other networks, it happens to be the cheapest call Tariff Plan at the moment and has a daily access fee of N5. The daily access fee is triggered by the first call of the day. If you do not make a call in a day, you don’t get charged the daily access fee.

Airtel SmartTalk Call Tariff Charges

For airtel to airtel calls, you are charged 11 kobo per seconds and same Tariff applies to calls from Airtel to other networks in the country.

Calls to Canada, China, India, UK landline and USA are charged at 20 kobo per seconds.

SMS charges to all networks within the country is charged at same N4 while international SMS are charged at N15.

How To Migrate

To migrate to Airtel SmartTalk Plan, dial *315# or text Yes to 315.

Please note that first migration is free. Subsequent migrations within 90 days attracts a migration fee of N100.



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