I guess, at this junction, it’s safe to say Airtel is being affected by the change Nigerians are facing. Earlier on, the telecommunication company reduced the data allocated in it’s 20GB for N200 plan. And now, this.

If you use Airtel during the night for downloads and sorts, especially for it’s cheap night data plan, please be aware that Airtel has increased the cost.

Airtel increases cost of night data plan

The night plan that used to cost N50 for 1.5GB has been increased up to N200.

Although, the change hasn’t reflected on the company’s website, technically, that’s the new charge. The customer care attendant confirmed it.

Hence, if you use Airtel’s night plan and you are wondering why your effort to subscribe isn’t going through with your N50 balance, it’s because the cost has been increased.

Of course, you still get same data allocated (1.5GB), time factors hasn’t changed either. However, price has changed.

It’d be recalled that etisalat recently joined the night gang offering 1GB of data for just N200. And compared to the competition, that was pretty expensive. Well, I still think it is. However, there isn’t much difference between both data plans anymore. Well, 500MB is still a whole lot.

Additionally, if this seems quite expensive to you, Airtel still has the 500MB night data plan for N25. Nonetheless, do not forget MTN still offers same night data plan for same price.

Now, that’s a whole lot of options to choose from, if for some reason, Airtel just placed you on vexing mode.


  1. Nothing has really changed, just an increment of 25 bucks for those of us who have multiple airtel lines.
    And I prefer airtel because of the 6X bonus package which is surprisingly working on my old airtel sim card, I recharge, get the 6X bonus, transfer to my other sim cards and download continues. Irrespective of the fact that MTN is giving it at same rate of 25 bucks for 500, it is difficult to transfer funds from the beta talk tariff plan which gives friendly user bonus!
    Airtel still rocks, Etisalat sucks but our indigenous network, talking about glo is a disgrace in my area. Their 3G disappears within a split second whenever it shows up.

    A-I-R-T-EL R-O-C-K-S!!!

    • Thanks for the addition Jose. Glo, which has always been my go-to network, is also messing up around here lately. However, i still think glo offers the cheapest 24 hours data plan. A whooping 48GB for just N8000. Will like to see other networks do same.


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