Airtel Increases Blackberry Data Plan To 3GB for N1000 and N1500 For Other Devices

The competition is indeed getting better. Reduction in data prices and increment in data allocated is what we’d like to see other than just call tariffs.

Over the past months, airtel has been well known for zapping data in an abnormal way. Most people may not know this but if you are curious to knowing how your data gets exhausted on your phone in such a short time, blame Airtel!

With the new improvement in the network as well as cost of data subscription and data allocated, we’d hope the problem has been rectified.

Airtel increases blackberry plan

The improvement can best be likened to the Glo bis plan which gives you 3GB of data for just N1000 and can be used on android phones when the imei is tweaked to that of a blackberry phone. If using a blackberry 10 phone, it can be tethered to all other devices via hotspot.

In as much as the Glo bis plan is still the best, you can only enjoy it on every device that’s got wireless feature if using a bb10 phone.

In the case of the newly released data plans on Airtel, you can get 3GB of data for just N1500 which can be used on all device that’s got internet connectivity.

Airtel ng 3gb plan for blackberry and other devicesHow To Subscribe?

==> For blackberry phone users, have a minimum of N1000 on your Airtel SIM and dial *440*1# and you will be given 3GB data for the cost of N1000.

==> For other devices, have a minimal airtime balance of N1500 and dial *440*16# and you will be given 3gb data for the cost of N1500.

I am actually looking forward to seeing what MTN will unleash in terms of data cost because considering this new development, the mtn betterme plan can be termed as expensive.

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