Few days back, i exhausted my Airtel 4GB of data which i got for 1500 as against 2GB  for same 1500. This plan wasn’t available for all lines and its a blackberry plan which comes with a validity period of 60 days. I guess i was sorta late on the train as i was initially told that airtel will be canceling the service soon after i had subscribed. Few days ago, i exhausted the data which lasted just about 2 weeks and i tried subscribing again to confirm but as earlier told, the plan has been stopped.

I just felt it nice to inform you that Airtel has stopped the blackberry plan which gives 4GB for 1500 hence you shouldn’t be raising your hopes high. As earlier said in a post where i talked on cheap plans for the month of September, the code for getting the 4GB of data is *440*161# but if you try that same code now, you get an error message telling you to try again later. I would advise you don’t bother waiting to try later because even if you keep trying till you hear the next news about Ebola, you will still be getting same error message.

airtel 4GB data plan for 1500 has been stopped

What Next?

If you still want to continue with airtel, then the best option will be the blackberry plan which gives you 2GB of data for same 1500. This plan works on virtually every device including computers hence you shouldn’t get scared of whether or not it would work on your android phone, iPad, iPhone or others.

Personally, am considering going back to my glo bis plan which gives me 3GB of data for 1000 Naira and using my blackberry 10 phone, i can share the internet connection with other devices that has got wireless connection.

This is just a short notification to inform you that airtel has stopped the 4GB data plan for 1500 and if in the course of time something new comes up, i will pass the information across to you.



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