It’s really a season of surprises as Internet service providers have been feeding us with surprises this MBer season. On the 1st of this month been November 2014, MTN surprised most of its subscribers with 100MB data. Etisalat also surprised it’s subscribers with free data allocations ranging from 100MB to 500MB. Airtel users were not left out as some got 50MB, 100MB and 200MB respectively.

Talking about glo, I haven’t gotten any new surprises from them since this month. Although am still flexing the glo bumpa plan which gives me twice my recharge. I.e, if I recharge 1000 naira, I get an extra 2000 naira as bonus. More so, the glo bis plan still rocks on my PC via blackberry 10 hotspot.

Now the latest is, Airtel is at it again as they have reintroduced the 4GB bis plan which goes for N1500 (one thousand five hundred naira). Now you might be thinking this isn’t new but if you have been in the airtel world, then you should be aware that Airtel had initially stopped this plan.

Why Should I Buy The Airtel 4GB BIS Plan For N1500?

Talking about cost, it’s more economical than the well known one where you pay same N1500 for 2GB.

It can browse on all devices as long as it has Internet connection functionality. Even if your nokia torch light or 3310 has got Internet connection, this plan can work on it without extra tweaking.

As usual, this plan comes with a 60 day validity period. Hence, if you subscribe, you will get the next month absolutely free. That’s more like paying just 1500 for two months.

How To Subscribe?

Most airtel plans as this comes with eligibility involved. Before you recharge your phone to subscribe, I would advice you confirm if your sim is eligible for this plan.

To do that, simply dial *440*161# now. If you get the insufficient credit message then your line is eligible. If your sim isn’t, you should be notified of that also.

Don’t forget to check out our November 2014 cheap Internet browsing plan for all networks here. Best of lucks as your flex the rest of the month with enough data options to choose from.


  1. Pls sir any cheaper airtel plan I can use on my gionee p4 android phone cus wen I subcribe 2k ii nt last m upto a month pls hlp

  2. I apreciate ur work here, it’s amazing, just tried d Airtel stuff and it worked. Thanks a lot. Again please I don’t knw if a slot to being ur student is available. I’ll b glad to understudy u. [email protected] pls am eager. Thanks in anticipation of ur kind reply.

    • No. The normal MTN BIS plan cannot work on BB10 except using the bb10 blackberry plans. More so, there are no proven method on how to change BB10 IMEI.

  3. 23/3/2015

    Pls I changed my tecno p5 imei no to bb imei (not usin d bb anymore) and applied d apn settings as was told. But still yet i couldn’t browse wit it. So i had to change bck d imei no nd den actived my glo bis bck in my bb. B4 putting it in my android. Pls hw can i act d bb imei so glo cn see my android as bb. Pls help me out. 馃檨
    My email: [email protected]

  4. Please generate a valid blackberry imei for me. I have Samsung galaxy GT DUOS. I want to use the Glo BIS subscription. Thanks

  5. Morning samuel,I tried using my glo BIS bold5 as hotspot for my iphone but it only connected but couldn’t surf the internet..Pls woulD reaLly appreciate if u can help or advice on a cheaper means

    • I really cannot ascertain if the plan is still active. You can confirm by dialing the subscription code and if it is, Yes it should work on bb10 phones.

  6. Weldone bros, is d airtel data plan for Q10 is *440*161# OR *440*16# and is it still going presently bcos I want to try this glo own “comonth to 777”. Thanks

  7. Cool blog u’ve got hia…Is this airtel stuff a sort of promo that’s likely to run out over a period of time? Also, what makes your sim eligible?

    • It’s not a promo but how long it’s gonna last is not something I can ascertain. Talking about eligibility, I think it’s based on how often your recharge and how long you’ve been using the sim.

  8. Good morning sir and thank u for the job well done. pls I want to ask more on how to use glo bis on android, pls will it work on my z10? is there any other steps to follow for it to work perfectly on BB10? I will be glad if u can send me ur number or whatsapp me on 08052524846 and much preferable if u can send me ur contact. thanks

    • Hello World Best, If you use a Z10 phone, simply subscribe to glo bis by sending COMONTH to 777.

      After successful subscription, simply turn on the hotspot on the Z10 and connect your android WiFi to it and enjoy surfing on both devices.

      I got your email and i’ve replied you with my contact details. Thanks…

  9. Pls my BB curve 7 hotspot doesn’t work using dis Glo internet plan. Doesn’t work when I try connecting to my android or laptop. Its connects briefly and then automatically disconnects by itself.
    Pls what can I do to solve dis limitation from glo?

    • Hello Dlaw, glo bis works more using a bb10 phone. You can try using the bb desktop manager on your computer. As for ur android, you may need to change the phone’s IMEI in other to use glo bis directly on it.


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