A couple of times, most people tend to use abbreviations instead of full words while chatting on social medias like Facebook, BBM, twitter and even while having a face to face conversation. One of the most commonly used are lol and ASAP. Am i correct? Am pretty sure you might have even come across TGIF. Most people tend not to know the full meaning of these abbreviations and that’s where this post comes in handy.

Here on this post, we will be listing out 52 most frequently used abbreviations while chatting on facebook, BBM or when having a face to face conversation.

Commonly used abbreviations on Facebook while chatting

Commonly Used Abbreviations on Facebook And Their Meanings

  1. ASAP: As Soon As Possible
  2. ASL: Age/ Sex/ Location
  3. B4: Before
  4. B4U: Before You
  5. BRB: Be Right Back
  6. BTW: By The Way
  7. B/W: Between
  8. Cuz: Because
  9. FYI: For Your Info
  10. FB: Facebook
  11. GM: Good Morning
  12. GN: Good Night
  13. GNASD: Good Night and Sweet Dreams
  14. IDK: I don’t Know
  15. IM: Instant Message
  16. JK: Just Kidding
  17. K: Okay
  18. L8: Late
  19. LOL: Laugh out Loud (Could also mean, Lots Of Love)
  20. LMAO: Laugh my ass of
  21. LMFAO: Laugh my f**king ass off
  22. LMK: Let Me Know
  23. L8r: Later
  24. M/F? : Male or Female?
  25. Msg: Message
  26. OMG : Oh My God
  27. Pls: Please
  28. Plz: Please
  29. PM me: Private Message me (send me a Private Message)
  30. Ppl: People
  31. r: are
  32. Rly: Reply (can also be used Really)
  33. SD: Sweet Dreams
  34. tht: that
  35. Thx: Thanks
  36. Tnx: Thanks
  37. Txt: Text
  38. TY: Thank You
  39. Ttly: Talk to you later
  40. TGIF : Thank God Its Friday
  41. u: you
  42. ur: your
  43. u’ll: you will
  44. wtf:  What the f**k
  45. wth: What the hell
  46. zzz: Sleeping
  47. LLNP:Long Life And Prosperity
  48. HBD:Happy Birthday
  49. H:Hello
  50. I:Hi
  51. G2G:Got to Go
  52. IDK:I don’t Know

More Frequently used abbreviations On Facebook While Chatting?

Yes, we know the 52 abbreviations listed above are not all. However, we are open to getting more abbreviations and their meanings from you via comments. If you are looking for a meaning to an abbreviation not on the list above, simply post it via comment and we would try our best to help you with it.



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