2go ! 2go !! 2go !!!

I am sure this isn’t a new talk in the internet world. Well, for those who still doesn’t understand what this means, I am going to give a very brief info on it.

2go Messenger is an application that lets you chat up with friends, loved ones etc. It even gives you the ability to meet new friends just by participating in the chatrooms.

You could even add friends just by entering their 2go username on the friend finder page.

In one of my previous posts i explained how to install and use 2go on pc. If you are a pc user, i strongly recommend you check out that report.

how to install 2go on blackberry

Some of my friends on Facebook asked me how they could use 2go on their blackberry phones and that’s why i decided to write on:

How To Use 2go On blackberry Phones

To Use 2go on your blackberry phone using MTN as a case study, please follow the steps below:

1. Goto Menu -> Options -> Advanced Options -> TCP/IP * Tick “APN Settings Enabled” APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

2. ”Tick Authentication Enabled” Username for APN: web Password for APN: web

3. Press Menu -> Save

Run on your blackberry it should work now!

Although some peeps want to use free browsing cheats on 2go (Not blackberry) but i recommend subscriptions as it doesn’t cost much.

Hope this helps?

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  1. Tried d adequate settn for zain buh its stilll not working! It keeps connectn! Buh on ma mtn its ok! Must I ave credt on my airtel before it works? Cos before I dnt need to

  2. @anonymous, chatting with 2go on blackberry Is now easy, did you miss my recent post concerning 2go now working of blackberry? Well, just delete your 2go messenger application and download it again and then launch it.

  3. Hey! Pls am using a bb 9800, tried using d settings 4 zain to use 2go on ma fone, buh, it isn't working. I.e…wap.ng.airtel.com….pls help me out! Thk

  4. But think about it, what would make an application not work on a device if the settings are intact? Needs little tweaking right? Then on blackberry, settings are on options from the menu, just locate the advance settings that involve fixing apn, username and others.<br /><br />Goodluck!

  5. do you mean using glogwap as the access point? Sure, just input glogwap or gloflat or glosecure as the access point or better still send activate in a text message to 1234 to receive settings for your kind of device

  6. Pls how I can install 2go proper on my bb bold4 white using glo sim…I try all ur options here nothing works and on my phone nothing like advance option like dat of curve and the glo setting I get here I don&#39;t know how to use it glogwap am I going to use http://www.glogwap.com? pls put me through.thanks so much


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